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Ministry of industry and information technology: preliminary establishment of network data security standard system in 2021

Pubdate:2020-04-16 Views:633

In recent years, data leakage incidents occur frequently in our country. There are a large number of problems in excessive collection and abuse of personal information of users. The security challenges brought by illegal data sharing and trading are increasingly serious.

Recently, the reporter learned from the Ministry of industry and information technology that the relevant units have completed the guide for the construction of network data security standard system (hereinafter referred to as the guide for construction), formulated the construction scheme of network data security standard system combining government guidance and market driving through top-level design, and provided strong support for the industry's network data security management.

According to the Ministry of industry and information technology, network data resources are different from traditional resources in that they have flow characteristics. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the security protection of all links in the whole life cycle of network data. According to the different characteristics of various application fields and business scenarios, a closed-loop security management mode is formed to effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of users and effectively maintain the security of national important data.

However, there are still three problems in the standardization of network data security in China

First, the standard system is not strong, the formulation of standards is lack of overall coordination, and the basic standards such as terms definition, classification and classification are not perfect.

Second, some key standards need to be formulated urgently, and key standards such as data security assessment and important data protection have made slow progress.

Third, relevant standards in some key areas are still blank, and the supporting role of network data security standards for the high-quality development of 5g, mobile Internet, Internet of vehicles, Internet of things, industrial Internet, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other key areas needs to be strengthened.

The construction guide (Draft for comments) points out that by 2021, the network data security standard system will be initially established, the network data security management requirements will be effectively implemented, the network data security protection needs of the industry will be basically met, the application of standards in key enterprises and fields will be promoted, and more than 20 industry standards for network data security will be developed.

By 2023, we will improve the network data security standard system, significantly improve the standard technology level, application level and internationalization level, effectively promote the improvement of the industry's network data security protection capacity, and develop more than 50 industry standards for network data security.