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5g and the Internet of things enabling home appliances industry to promote the consumption of green energy-saving home appliances

Pubdate:2020-04-16 Views:745

With the great progress of social productivity, people have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of daily necessities. From clothing, shoes and hats, oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar, to sofa air conditioning, toy cars, a large number of commodities provide a wide choice for people to create a warm and comfortable home environment. Air conditioning, color TV, refrigerator, washing machine and other household appliances have become popular products for every household.

With the development of the times, the popular single products in the market always have a deep impression of the times. From the three major changes, we may be able to understand more deeply the trend of product iteration and the change of people's consumption habits. From refrigerators, color TVs and washing machines in the 1980s to air conditioners, computers and video recorders in the 1990s, to houses, cars and smart phones in the 21st century, the performance of products has been continuously improved, and the sense of safety and technology has been increasingly strengthened.

Since entering the new era, smart home appliances have sprung up in the whole home appliance market. For a while, it has become a key area of the layout of old brand home appliance manufacturers and industry giants. In the environment of strict environmental protection supervision, consumers' demand for intelligent products has been greatly improved, the home appliance industry has also shifted from the initial stage of relying on low price competition to the critical period of focusing on quality. In order to attract consumers' attention and further stimulate consumers' interest in consumption, some home appliance manufacturers also regard safety, green, intelligence and energy saving as the main direction of product research and development.

Under the impact of cutting-edge technology, the home appliance industry has to speed up the pace of adjustment and progress, so as to complete self transformation with the help of cutting-edge technology. 5g. The hot application of Internet of things in various fields is injecting energy into the transformation and upgrading of many traditional industries. With the help of 5g with low delay, high stability and massive connection, the networked management of data and information such as manufacturing, storage, transportation and sales of household electrical appliances will become more timely and efficient. At the same time, users will play video through smart TV in 5g network environment, which will be more smooth and natural.

The application of the Internet of things, for intelligent air conditioning, intelligent television, intelligent thermostat, intelligent rice cookers and other intelligent household appliances products unified management and control provides a favorable guarantee. Based on the Internet of things management system, household appliances are no longer isolated from each other, but can realize linkage and joint control. For example, with the help of smart voice assistant, users can not only listen to music with smart speakers, but also query the weather, flight and other information of the day. If the volume is too high, the noise warning device in the home will send out a warning, so as to ensure that the user does not affect others while having normal entertainment.

As the two technologies that have great influence on the development of home appliance industry, 5g and the Internet of things undoubtedly have multiple and rich application values. The integration of AR, VR, big data, cloud computing and 5g, Internet of things technologies is also bringing many new possibilities for the iterative upgrading of household appliances, the establishment of household appliances resource sharing platform, the improvement of household appliances unified management and control system, and the digital transformation of household appliances enterprises.

Looking back on the development of the whole household electrical appliances industry, we can find that consumers' focus on household electrical appliances has changed from simple and practical to intelligent and safe. The state has also given clear policy support to household appliances consumption. As early as the beginning of 2019, the ten ministries and commissions of the state jointly officially released the document on promoting household appliances consumption. In August 2019, the general office of the State Council issued another 20 policies to promote consumption to support the exchange of old products for new ones.

At the online press conference held by the Ministry of Commerce on March 2, 2020, the deputy director of the Department of market operation and consumption promotion of the Ministry of Commerce said that in terms of expanding commodity consumption, he would support and guide local governments to formulate incentive and subsidy policies to promote the consumption of green energy-saving household appliances, furniture and other products. At the same time, it will guide the regions and enterprises that have the conditions to launch all kinds of consumption coupons, shopping coupons and coupons for specific groups, specific commodities and specific fields on the premise of complying with relevant laws and regulations and being fair and open, so as to promote the recovery of popularity and consumption compensation.

Green, energy saving and safety are the key points consumers pay attention to. At the end of the day, home appliances are made to be used by people. The feeling of users and the needs of users should be the factors that manufacturers must consider when developing new home appliances. Accelerating technological innovation and improving product performance will be an important basis for home appliance manufacturers to base themselves on the market for a period of time in the future. Maybe in 2020, we can see more excellent products in the home appliance market.