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Pubdate:2020-04-11 Views:454

Our company provides overall solutions to the construction of SDH (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy) transmission network.

After technology accumulation for years, Minsheng has grasped core technologies in the field of SDH network construction. The system of transmission has been widely used in government agency, public security, education system, medical institutions and so on. Company provides circuit speed to optical transmission network from 2Mbps to 10Gbps, which is contribute to offer high quality and reliability of transmission channel.

Since our technology department came up with the solution of Ultra long haul though the research of core technology, it has taken many functions such as effective network management, real-time business activity monitoring, dynamic network maintenance and so on. This solution as well as improving the utilization ratio of the network resources, reducing the costs of management and maintenance, making operation and maintenance of the network flexible, reliable and efficient.

Minsheng owns professional construction team, which can provide customers the first-rate network construction and maintenance service of communication transport.


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